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Welcome to Actrave Entertainment, your gateway to captivating cinematic experiences. Founded by Akshayy Paniker, a seasoned filmmaker with over 15 years of expertise in the industry, Actrave Entertainment is dedicated to bringing compelling stories to life on screen.

Akshayy Paniker embarked on his journey in filmmaking after completing his degree at the renowned Zee Institute of Media and Arts, specializing in writing and filmmaking. Beginning as an assistant director on notable television serials such as "Pita Parmeshwar" for Doordarshan, his passion for storytelling propelled him to greater heights.

With a string of successes as an associate director, director, and...

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Film Production

Our passion for storytelling drives us to create cinematic experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of audiences...

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Screenplay Writing

Behind every great film lies a compelling narrative with a keen understanding of structure, character development, and...

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Acting Coach

Talent is cultivated through guidance and practice, and our acting coaches are dedicated to nurturing the next...

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Film Direction

A great film begins with a visionary director, and our team of directors brings passion, creativity, and expertise to...

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